Taylor Sheridan

Wind River


A veteran tracker with the Fish and Wildlife Service helps to investigate the murder of a young Native American woman, and uses the case as a means of seeking redemption for an earlier act of irresponsibility which ended in tragedy.

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To kick this off let me just tell you, "Wind River" will have an impact on your, whether you like it or not. While it somewhat over dramatizes the reality, it does a pretty good job at shedding some light on the ungoverned Indian reserves in the US. The plot makes you care so much about the characters, albeit not all Indian, to the point where you feel bad about the number of people who disappear in these reserves and are never seen again. Though, enough of the plot, I want to quickly talk about the rest of the film as well. The acting was solid all around and I feel like Jeremy Renner really shines in these more serious roles, as opposed to being Hawkeye. While he will still drop jokes at times it is never out of place and always in good taste. Furthermore, you are really able to feel the chemistry between the characters. Whether it is between Cory, Jane or even the police chief Ben, you definitely do not feel like they are acting. Lastly, the director did a pretty good job at keeping you in the dark and interested throughout the story which makes "Wind River" a great movie from start to finish.

#superb 4.0


"Wind River" is a movie I had heard about before but never really expected much from, even though I really like its main cast members, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, but I was so wrong. The movie started very strong and didn't let go until the credits started rolling. I was actually impressed by how good the story was. Not only did they not fall into any dumb clichés like an unnecessary love subplot but they also had a mystery that kept you interested the entire way through without being predictable. However, I would have wanted to see a bit more foreshadowing (or maybe I just didn't pick any of them up on my first viewing). The acting performances were solid across the board with Jeremy Renner surprisingly giving us one of his best performances to date. A special mention also has to go out to the amazing cinematography of the landscapes as the movie truly was a sight to behold. Overall, "Wind River" is a great crime/mystery movie that you shouldn't miss.

#superb 4.0


Often times, mystery movies are hit or miss. Some of them are too predictable and others are just filled to the brim with clichés to the point where you just don't care anymore. This is why it is great to see a movie like "Wind River" which does the exact opposite of these things and actually succeeds in telling it's story in a believable though slightly dramatized fashion. The breathtaking cinematography on location in an Indian reserve paints a beautiful yet haunting picture about all the unsolved murders and disappearances that happen in real life. Aside from the story, the thing that really makes "Wind River" are the amazing performances by the cast - especially Jeremy Renner - and the chemistry and relation between them. You actually care about all of the well developed characters and you feel for them throughout the movie. All in all, we suggest you do not miss out.

#superb 4.0