Walt Dohrn, Mike Mitchell



After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends.

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A movie based on the famous "Troll dolls" wasn't really all that appealing when Liam asked me to watch it, but I still went into it with an open mind. Dreamworks did in fact create some solid movies about some weird concepts (think How To Train Your Dragon for example). Sadly, this was not one of those. "Trolls" was boring most of its 100 minute runtime and I noticed myself looking at my phone more and more as the movie progressed. Even the songs didn't stop me from being distracted. While I liked a lot of the original songs, most of the covers were badly performed. At least the voice acting was alright and the animation was fairly good. In the end, I would only recommend "Trolls" to children.

#horrible 1.0


I have to be honest, I just watched "Trolls" because I was bored and in for some brain dead time. Now, when it comes to brain dead entertainment, it did the job pretty well in my opinion. I somewhat enjoyed the plot and I liked at least 50% of the songs. However, "Trolls" is far from a good movie and it is clearly aimed at a young audience. Even though the plot was not the worst, it sure wasn't the best with it's predictable nature and although some of the songs were pretty OK others got butchered beyond belief. Other than that, the animation was ok but not outstanding and the voice acting was good overall. In the end I'd recommend Trolls for kids and those who are bored and are in dire need of entertainment.

#enjoyable 3.0


"Trolls" is a movie by DreamWorks Animation and it is based on the Troll Dolls you might have played with in your youth (yea those creepy f**kers). The movie is at least 50% a musical with covers of some popular songs from the past decade and although some can be fairly decent, others are borderline terrible. The plot of the movie is not all that great either as it is very predictable which makes it quite boring for anyone older than 12. It is not all bad however as the animation and voice acting were both good. Overall, we would recommend "Trolls" to all the kids out there who enjoy a lighthearted animation adventure.

#bad 2.0