Gavin O'Conner

The Accountant


As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.

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"The accountant" is a movie I was interested in for a while now. The movie delves into the mind of a math savant who works both as an accountant and an assassin. While this plot looked interesting on paper, the execution could have been a lot better at times. An example of this is the predictable nature of the story. Another problem is that the movie has way too many plotlines for its own good. This makes it impossible to care about every single one of them. Some of the action scenes could have been done with more finesse as well. Luckily, all the actors, especially Ben Affleck, did a great job. You could really see Affleck was well prepared for the role he was given. All in all, "The Accountant" is a good action movie with wasted potential.

#enjoyable 3.0


It was about time I sat down and watched “The Accountant”. It appears Ben Affleck feels quite at home in his role of the notorious accountant Christian Wolff as does Anna Kendrick in her role as the somewhat quirky and awkward Dana. Luckily however, Anna and Ben aren’t the only ones who put up a good performance as most of the cast does a good job at portraying their respective character. I also thought the plot was exciting enough to keep it interesting even though some plot twists weren’t as baffling as they should have been I could still find myself pulled in by the story in general. Aside from the story I also felt like some of the “bad guys” were a little redundant and just acted as action filler. Overall, “The Accountant” is a fun to watch action movie with some interesting plot points, but don’t expect a head breaking story.

#great 3.5


"The Accountant" is the latest movie from Gavin O'Connor, who made a great movie called "Warrior" a few years back. A good director combined with a solid cast should result in a pretty solid movie and it is good, but not THAT good. Sadly, it fails to stick out from the competition. Ben Affleck and the rest of the cast all did a great job but they couldn't save the plot from it's flaws. It has too many plotlines and it can be predictable at times. The action scenes weren't all perfect either as some of them felt like they were thrown in just so the audience wouldn't get bored. That said we do want to emphasize it is not a bad movie and it does succeed in keeping you interested throughout. Overall, "The Accountant" was a good movie that should have been great.

#great 3.5