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As tragedy strikes him in his prime, famed boxer, Billy Hope, begins to fall into a great depression. Once the decision regarding the custody of his daughter is under question, Billy decides to get his life back on track by getting back into the ring.

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It's been a while since Southpaw came out but I still wanted to see it as it did catch my interest around the time it came out. I am not a boxing fan, at all really, but the story and the trailer really caught my attention. Now I have finally watched the movie and I am actually glad I did. At times the plot might be a little predictable and you might have seen the premise before but in the end the story still intrigued me. Besides, the predictableness of the story really doesn’t affect the strength of the story in my opinion so in my case that wasn’t really an issue. To top that off Jake Gyllenhaal performed really very well and I loved him in his role as Billy Hope. Overall, I ended up liking the movie quite a bit.

#superb 4.0


It’s been since I last saw 'Rocky' again a few years ago that I tackle another Boxing flick. To say that I enjoy this genre is an overstatement but I don't mind watching it. This time around I was a kind off excited about this movie because Jake Gyllenhaal is a fantastic actor that's always great in his roles, with Southpaw being no exception. Southpaw also supported a great soundtrack with some original songs by Eminem that I really liked. The main problem however is its story, which is way to cliché for its own good. I'm pretty sure you have seen the same plot at least a dozen times and that's a shame. The box matches itself were a blast to watch though. I would recommend Southpaw to everybody who enjoys the Boxing genre.

#timekiller 2.5


Southpaw is a boxing flick portraying the life of Bill Hope with Jake Gyllenhaal as the main character. The story about Hope plays out exactly like you would expect and this is the biggest flaw of the movie. You can see plot twists coming and this takes some of the excitement away. However, Jake nails it as Billy and the supporting cast isn’t bad either. The soundtrack Eminem put together works great with the movie and the music makes some scenes really stand out. Overall you will probably have a good time watching Southpaw as long as you don’t take its flaws too hard.

#great 3.5