Richard Marquand

Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi


Darth Vader and the Empire are building a new, indestructible Death Star. Meanwhile, Han Solo has been imprisoned, and Luke Skywalker has sent R2-D2 and C-3PO to try and free him. Princess Leia - disguised as a bounty hunter - and Chewbacca go along as well. The final battle takes place on the moon of Endor, with its natural inhabitants, the Ewoks, lending a hand to the Rebels. Will Darth Vader and the Dark Side overcome the Rebels and take over the universe?

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The last part of the original Star Wars trilogy wraps up most loose ends of the story and finishes the unravelling of all your questions. It also contains more humor than the previous episodes, though emotional moments are definitely present as well. There is no more to say about Episode VI which we don’t already know, love and expect. The iconic theme is still there, obviously. Well-known characters return to the screen, but some new ones make their introduction as well (Yes Ewoks, talking about you). This is pretty much a no-brainer if you have seen Episode IV and V.

#exceptional 4.5


In this epic conclusion of the Star Wars saga (before George Lucas gave us the prequels), we get to see our beloved characters again for the last time. We get to see the Empires final attempt to destroy the rebels after all. While "Return of the Jedi" doesn't reach the same cinematic heights as the previous 2 movies, we still get to see a highly entertaining and emotional movie. The addition of the Ewoks also gives us a lot of comedic moments. If you are a fan of star wars, this is a must watch (but you already knew that, of course).

#superb 4.0


The last movie in the amazing Star Wars trilogy gives us a story which is a bit more humorous. However, the film is still filled with emotional moments as well. Furthermore, the ending and unraveling of the story is great and really closes off the franchise (for now, ahum Episode VII). As for recognizable parts, we hear the iconic theme song and see our beloved characters back, as well as new ones such as the very entertaining Ewoks. This is still a must watch for Star Wars fans.

#exceptional 4.5