David Lowery

Pete's Dragon


The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon.

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I have to say I was kind of excited to see “Pete’s Dragon”. I can really appreciate these “magical” movies, however I wasn’t fully satisfied with how the movie turned out to be. The dragon looked great and the actors, including the kid, did a fine job, but the movie was completely let down by the story. It was just far too predictable to be enjoyable to me as I was able to predict almost the whole story. This really took away from the “magic” a movie like this should have and it made me watch the time more than the actual movie (exaggeration). In the end, if you need to entertain your kids during a family dinner just put your 8 year old in front of the TV with this movie and she will most likely enjoy it, while you are off doing something else.

#enjoyable 3.0


It's no secret I like most Disney movies. Obviously, I had to see Pete's Dragon as well, even though it looked kind of childish. I went into it expecting another BFG, which I thought was rather good and my expectations were right as it was just as enjoyable if not a bit more then that. While the story was as predictable as a wasp on speed, It didn't really bother me that much because It's a family movie after all. All the actors did a fine job, even the kids were fairly good, which was a big relief. The charm of the original movie was still there with a great looking dragon whom had just as much personality as any of the human characters. Overall, I would recommend "Pete's Dragon" to every family or people who want to enjoy a family friendly adventure.

#enjoyable 3.0


"Pete's Dragon" continues the recent trend of live action remakes from Disney classics, however this time around they tackle a fairly old and unknown movie. This decision did not fall flat as the movie is just as charming as you would have hoped from a family film, but this is not without it's flaws. The childish nature of the movie makes the plot predictable for everyone older than 12 or so and sadly, this can result in a boring experience for some. Luckily, all the actors put up a fine job and even the child actors are pretty good, which is a blessing. The dragon and the supporting CGI was good as well and overall we would recommend "Pete's Dragon" to all the families or kids out there.

#enjoyable 3.0