Peter Berg

Patriot's Day


The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.

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I can still remember the Boston Marathon and manhunt for the 2 Tsarnaev brothers that followed shortly after. This made me interested but also worried about the final product. Were they going to exaggerate the facts or stay faithful? The answer to that question is luckily the latter even though some characters and events were changed. The biggest change was our main character Tommy Saunders played by Mark Wahlberg. He was a handful of real people thrown together to give us someone to root for. I can understand you need a character like that for a movie to work but to me, he felt a little too heroic and forced. With that out of the way, I can appreciate the fact that they did not go all out with the patriotism like some other American movies tend to do. All the acting performances were fine all around. A special mention goes out to the score, which is great, but this should not surprise anyone since Trent Reznor composed it. Overall, I would recommend "Patriots Day" to everybody who wants to refresh their memory about this horrible event.

#enjoyable 3.0


My expectation for Patriot's Day was an over the top American "hero" movie and I am glad to say it was better then what I had expected. There was still quite some patriotism to be found, but I am relieved that was not the core of the story as it was really about family and community. This adds up to a story that is actually quite exciting and really knew how to draw me in. Apart from the story, I also thought the actors' performances were pretty solid and I could feel with the characters they portrayed. All-in-all, I actually really liked Patriot's Day and I was on the edge of my seat for the most part of the film.

#great 3.5


"Patriots Day" is the 3rd Peter Berg directed movie about a real life event and as we have seen in the last couple years, he does a fine job with it. The story, even with a few changes here and there is never a bore and will leave you on the edge of your seat for a number of different scenes. This is partly due to the great Trent Reznor composed soundtrack but the directing plays a big role as well. Though continuing on the soundtrack, some moments even felt like they were taken straight out of a thriller or horror film. The big problem with a story like this is that you need somebody to root for and this translates to the main protagonist played by Mark Wahlberg. While he can be a little too patriotic , it is never too much for us to get bothered by it. All the other actors put up a decent to good performance which is nice to see. Overall "Patriot's Day" is not a masterpiece but it is still worthwhile.

#great 3.5