Jon M. Chu

Now You See Me 2


The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

#adventure     #comedy     #mystery    



I went into “Now You See Me 2” with at least some expectations from the previous movie, as I really enjoyed the first one and I don’t think I was let down. Although not all characters are equally relatable and some are quite undeveloped and uninteresting, I really enjoyed the story and the main characters (including the new one). The story might be a bit “over the top” for some but I don’t think this will stop you from having a good time as the “magic” involved in the movie is still pretty interesting. The biggest issue with “Now You See Me 2” was it’s duration. It’s a bit too long and at times it can start dragging on a little. In the end, I do think a lot of people will enjoy “Now You See Me 2” and I recommend you watch it.

#great 3.5


Having seen the first “Now You See Me" and liking it a lot, I went into the sequel with at least a bit of hope. However, I can't say that all my expectations were met. First off, the story was not nearly as fun as the first one with it being over the top and cliché at times. Secondly, one of the new characters, whom I'm not going to spoil, annoyed me a lot and even made me cringe on more than a few occasions. “Now You See Me 2" wants to be so big and over the top, it forgot to be believable and just falls flat in the end. The returning cast were luckily still good and the new Horseman was also portrayed well. Overall, “Now You See Me 2" is still an enjoyable time if you can turn your brain off for 2 hours.

#timekiller 2.5


The original "Now You See Me" was a movie we both enjoyed a lot for its fun story and exciting magic tricks. Sadly, it’s not all positive anymore with the second installment "Now You See Me 2" (which should have been called "Now You Don't", but hey who are we to judge). This time around we get an overly long story and a movie that just drags on at times with nothing new to show for. It is also pretty over the top to the point where it becomes unbelievable. Lastly, the villains aren’t as interesting or developed as we would have hoped they would be and it feels like they forced villains into the movie without good thought. The main characters put up a fine job however and while it won’t surpass the original, we feel you will still have quite a good time watching “Now You See Me 2” (if you have some time to spare).

#enjoyable 3.0