Barry Jenkins



A chronicle of the childhood, adolescence and burgeoning adulthood of a young, African-American, gay man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.




My expectations for "Moonlight" kept rising as it received award after award. This ultimately let me to be kind of disappointed in the end. The movie was not bad per se, it just had too many flaws for me to fully enjoy it. The biggest problem with "Moonlight" was it's runtime. I felt that it was way too short for the content it wanted to cover. Each of the 3 chapters in Chiron's life only got around 35min to tell its story and I did not feel like that was enough. Another problem was the ending. It kind of came out of nowhere and did not really give a satisfying conclusion to the story. However, I did really like the directing of Barry Jenkins and the all acting performances. Especially Mahershala Ali and the child actors stood out to me. Even with some of the flaws, I would definitely recommend "Moonlight" to everybody.

#great 3.5


My expectations for "Moonlight" were quite high as they have won the Best Picture Academy Award and I am happy to say I am not disappointed. In general the story, about the struggling black boy Chiron, was pretty solid. I really felt for him throughout the most part of the film. I also think the bond between Chiron and Juan was great and heartfelt. However, the story wasn't perfect. The movie makes some really big jumps at times to progress the growth of Chiron, but they sometimes fail to give enough explanation which leaves you with one too many questions. Aside from the story, the acting performances were great overall and as I said before, I just loved the chemistry between young Chiron, played by Alex R. Hibbert, and Juan, played by Mahershala Ali. Lastly, I want to mention the soundtrack was just perfect at times making the story so much stronger. Overall, I'd say you should not miss out on "Moonlight".

#exceptional 4.5


"Moonlight", the winner of the controversial 2017 Oscars, is a fascinating film you rarely get to experience. The story can swing from a very emotional to heartwarming in just an instant and these moments are made even more powerful by the soundtrack. The latter makes some of the scenes really stand out. This does not leave any room for dull moments, even with a few flaws. First off the runtime can be an issue. We felt it to be too short to really flesh out every chapter in the life of Chiron. Another problem can be the ending as it does not quite wrap up satisfyingly which can be a turn off for some. Outside of that, we do not have much negative to say about "Moonlight". The directing is tight and we get to see plenty of interesting camera movement and placement. Lastly, the acting is as great as it should be. Every cast member put up one hell of a job, with Mahershala Ali and the child actor Alex R. Hibbert being especially great. In the end, "Moonlight" is a great movie and you should not miss it.

#superb 4.0