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Hugo is an orphan boy living in the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. He learned to fix clocks and other gadgets from his father and uncle which he puts to use keeping the train station clocks running. The only thing that he has left that connects him to his dead father is an automaton (mechanical man) that doesn't work without a special key. Hugo needs to find the key to unlock the secret he believes it contains. On his adventures, he meets George Melies, a shopkeeper, who works in the train station, and his adventure-seeking god-daughter. Hugo finds that they have a surprising connection to his father and the automaton, and he discovers it unlocks some memories the old man has buried inside regarding his past.

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“Hugo” is just a kid’s movie right? Just laughs and nothing else? Well think again, because “Hugo” is so much more than just a kid’s movie. What we actually get is a truly emotional story with morals everywhere supported by beautiful sets, stunning sound and great acting performances. “Hugo” is definitely one of the better kid’s films, however, we should not forget it is still aimed at the younger audience. Don’t expect violence or other more mature subjects. Though in the end, you don’t want to miss it.

#exceptional 4.5


"Hugo" is a beautiful tale about an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station. Though it's directed by Martin Scorsese, don’t expect any violence here. Instead, you get a kids friendly movie with a lot of charm. The story itself is very emotional and has something special which many of such movies are lacking. The acting performances are great all around and the visuals are just breathtaking. All in all, this movie is a love letter for the magic of cinema and is absolutely a must-watch.

#superb 4.0


Martin Scorsese brings us yet another masterpiece with the family friendly, yes actually family friendly, “Hugo”. The story is very emotional, charming and swamped with cleverness and morals all the way through, but don’t forget the main audience is still the younger ones (for those who were still expecting another “Wolf of Wall Street”). The sound design is stunningly beautiful as are the sets and the visual effects. Empowered by the marvelous acting performances from the cast throughout, “Hugo” is a must-see for everyone who likes cinema.

#exceptional 4.5