Theodore Melfi

Hidden Figures


The story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the US space program.

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"Hidden Figures" was a movie I had not heard of before it got an Oscar nomination but when I noticed it was based on a true story, I got very interested. I'm glad to say I was not let down. While the movie did not give enough screentime to some of the characters and subplots, the overall story was a heartwarming tale about following your dreams and never letting anything or anyone get in your way. All the performances were on point and I especially liked Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan. In the end, I can safely recommend "Hidden Figures" to everybody who likes movies based on a true story.

#great 3.5


I have to be honest. I had not taken notice of "Hidden Figures" before I was asked to watch it, but I am glad I did. At first glance it seems to be a generic comedy story about 3 negro American women but when you get further into the story the real theme unravels. I like how deep the story actually is while being quite lighthearted throughout the film. It is not hard to follow but it does boast some real life messages. The cast was great as well with everyone really shining in their respective role. Although I still find it hard to shake the "Sheldon" face off of Jim Parson but in this case it kind of fits the role. All-in-all I think this was a great movie and it is very much worth spending your evening on.

#exceptional 4.5


"Hidden Figures" passed the big audience quite silently and this is unfortunate. The story is not perfect, but it gives us a look into the lives of afro American women in the '60s. While this might make for a very serious plot, director Theodore Melfi made a smart move and went the other direction making it more lighthearted, which does benefit the story. The biggest flaw of the movie is the fact that it mostly focuses on the main 3 protagonists leaving some of the subplots and side characters very much in the dark. However, all the acting is great with Octavia Spencer being our favourite, though not by much. Overall, we would recommend "Hidden Figures" to everybody who is in for a lighthearted true story based film.

#superb 4.0