Mike Flanagan

Gerald's Game


While trying to spice up their marriage in their remote lake house, Jessie must fight to survive when her husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her handcuffed to their bed frame.

#horror     #thriller    



"Gerald's Game" is the latest adaptation in line from acclaimed author Stephen King and while I'm generally not much of a horror fan, I was intrigued by this one. Not because Stephen King adaptations have a good track record - not at all actually - but because the plot looked like a more psychological version of "127 hours", which is a fantastic movie. After watching it I was happy to see my that expectations were met and they did not create a typical horror movie filled with clichés. The plot was suspenseful without needing to rely on cheap jump scares and they even found the time to sprinkle in a bit of humor every now and then, which I greatly appreciated. The 2 main actors did a great job portraying their characters as well, but Carla Gugino was especially amazing. My biggest gripe with the movie was its ending. I feel like they resolved it a bit too quickly for it to be as satisfying as the rest of the film. However, even with that in mind, "Gerald's game" is definitely worth your time, albeit not for the most faint of heart.

#great 3.5


I'm generally a little skeptical when watching horror movies as it is very easy for such a story to become a clichéfest. Luckily, I felt like "Gerald's Game" ended up being a pretty solid psychologically tinted horror film. The story was quite intriguing and you actually get scared by how the plot is told and progresses. There are luckily no real jump scares, but you can expect feeling watched and unsafe. What's more is the actors really feel good in their roles on screen which helps immerse you in the plot. One thing I would like to remark is the fact that I feel like they could have done more with the unraveling of the story. In the end, "Gerald's Game" was a solid psychological horror/thriller movie and I recommend you see it, just .. maybe not alone.

#great 3.5


So far, 2017 has been a "great" year for Stephen King adaptions as "Gerald's Game" is already the 3rd one and there are 2 more coming down the road. Sadly though, most Stephen King adaptions have not been too great. However, "Gerald's Game" stays very faithful to the book and that shines through in the end result. Instead of getting dumb and overused clichés, we are presented with a solid horror movie that does not rely on cheap jump scares. You can feel the suspense from the very first minute and this feeling will go on until almost the very end. What's more, they were even able to get some humor in which actually works in the story. Furthermore, the acting was solid throughout with Carla Gugino giving us quite the career defining performance. However, it's not all good and we felt like the ending was not the greatest and could have been better if they unraveled it differently. As it stands, the ending is quite rushed and unsatisfying. As a closing note, we'd like to warn you that the movie does have a couple of very gory scenes so if you aren't prepared for blood, you better stay away. Anyone else will most definitely find something to like about "Gerald's Game".

#great 3.5