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A girl named Ella (Cinderella) has the purest heart living in a cruel world filled with evil stepsisters and an evil stepmother out to ruin Ella's life. Ella comes one with her pure heart when she meets the prince and dances her way to a better life with glass shoes, and a little help from her fairy godmother, of course.

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Cinderella is another fairytale reboot by Disney and as we have come to expect from Disney, it is really quite good. The film stays mostly true to the original story (leaving out the part where Anastasia and Drisella cut off their toes that is). When it comes to acting performances, practically all cast members really know to portray their respective character. Cate Blanchett does an amazing job at playing the “evil” stepmother and both Anastasia and Drisella are quite on point, as is Lily James as Cinderella of course. Furthermore, the costume designs where great as they really suited the story (can’t say I liked all of them however). There aren’t a lot of bad things to say about this film apart from that it might be a bit of a childish story but since it is a fairytale I can’t really judge that. When you are taking the time to watch this film, you’ll most likely have a really good time.

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"Cinderella" is yet another live action adaptation of a classic Disney movie. This time we get a pretty faithful version of the classic story which I'm grateful for. I didn't really care for the other live action adaptations that Disney did but I actually enjoyed myself with "Cinderella". The amazing performances but especially from Cate Blanchett were a blast to watch. It also has some gorgeous costume and production design, a great score and beautiful visual effects. But ofcourse, this movie is mainly aimed at children and you can see that in many scenes. Although that shouldn't stop you from watching this delightful movie.

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“Cinderella” is Disney’s latest live action adaptation of a fairytale and it stays remarkably true to the original story (really only leaving out the gory part of the original tale as it is still a family movie). As you would expect from a Disney movie, they spared no expense on the costume design, score and visual effects and all is on point. We were also presented with amazing performances from the cast but Cate Blanchett really stole the show as the evil stepmother and her portrayal was almost perfect. When first coming across this title, you might wonder why on earth you would watch a movie which is mostly aimed at kids. Well don’t be fooled by the title nor your first instincts on the tale as the movie is just outright fun to watch and it is definitely worthwhile.

#great 3.5