Ryan Coogler

Black Panther


T'Challa, after the death of his father, the King of Wakanda, returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king.

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I was never really a fan of the character of the "Black Panther" but after I saw Chadwick Boseman's performance of our titular hero in "Captain America: Civil War", I was immediately excited about his solo movie. After seeing the film, I was satisfied with the quality but I feel like it could have been better. The story, while enjoyable, was fairly basic and predictable but it did have some great worldbuilding. You get pulled right into the country of Wakanda and all the different cultures presented to us. Another major plus were the villains. Yes, you read that right. The villains of "Black Panther" were the best part of the movie which is fairly uncommon for Marvel. Killmongor had a solid motive for his actions and was a pure badass all around. Ulysses Klaue, on the other hand, was just as fun to watch as he was in "Avengers: Age of Ultron". The rest of supporting cast were also a delight to watch. However, where the movie faltered for me was in the joke department. While they were not all that common or cheesy, they just didn't do it for me. Two other things I want to mention are the CGI and OST. Firstly, the CGI was fantastic for the most part but it did have some dips in quality, especially near the end. Secondly, I didn't really hear a lot of the OST that Kendrick Lamar put together for the movie and that's a shame since I really liked it. Overall, I would still highly recommend "Black Panther" to everybody even remotely interested in the superhero genre.

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I saw "Black Panther" just a couple days after it premiered and I was pretty stoked about it. Let's start with a couple of positives. First off, I really liked the villain. He was pretty well fleshed out for a Marvel antagonist and the way the character plays out makes you feel very double. He is still the "bad guy" though you kind of feel for him as well and this aspect is very powerful when it comes to villains. What's more the main characters are amazing as well and they are in fact quite charming. You are very much drawn into the story and feel involved with the characters. Now for some more negative points. Personally, I was not the biggest fan of the music used during the film. I felt like some songs did not fit in quite as well although, to a some extent I can understand why they used certain genres. I also felt like some characters were left behind in the story just a little. This is almost inevitable with such a cast, though somewhat of a shame nonetheless. In the end, I very much enjoyed and would recommend "Black Panther", not only to superhero fanatics, as it feels like a more "grown up" superhero movie from Marvel studios

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Let us start this review of by stating the obvious, "Black Panther" is the best black superhero movie since the first "Blade" movie back in the 90s. However, this is not saying much since there were almost none made between then and now. Though, we feel like some people are forgetting how underrated that movie actually is. As for "Black Panther", it had everything going for it. A well respected up and coming director, a stacked cast and the amazing track record that Marvel Studios has built up at this point. With all that in mind, we can't say that we were disappointed with it even though we did have some issues with it. One of those issues is the plot. Despite a terrific villain with a good motivation and development, the story suffered from being a bit too simple and predictable, especially when we neared the 3rd act. However, this isn't a be–all and end–all since we were never bored during the entire runtime. Our other points of criticism were a somewhat messy though unconventional OST, a few obvious CGI moments near the end and a few jokes that fell flat on their face. However, one thing we do want to give credit for is the fact that "Black Panther" had some great worldbuilding. They really made Wakanda its own living and breathing world and it is an interesting contrast to what we have seen before in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe". Furthermore, the aforementioned villain and the rest of cast were all fantastic in their role with not a single one giving us a bad performance. Even though some of the supporting characters weren't all that prominent. Overall, we would recommend Marvel's latest to everyone in need of some action and heart.

#superb 4.0