Zack Snyder

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Fearing that the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the Man of Steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs.

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In general I’m more a Marvel fanatic, though I do enjoy watching Batman on the big screen so I figured I’d give “Dawn of Justice” a shot. To kick this review off, I want to tell you I did like the most part of the film. I liked Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman, I did actually like Jessie as Lex even though this ‘new’ Lex Luthor is very different from any of the passed portrayals. I also liked how they finally made Superman vulnerable and not the ‘almighty’ god he used to be and lastly I loved the scores which were used throughout the film. All the good stuff apart, I very much disliked how they tried adding Doomsday and Wonder Woman in as well. I feel they were just there to add another battle into the movie and as neither Doomsday or Wonder Woman had a backstory they left me pretty cold. So overall, I liked the movie and I recommend you see the first ¾ of “Dawn of Justice”

#enjoyable 3.0


"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is the 2nd movie in the DCCU with Zack Snyder. I didn't like "Man of Steel" and I was afraid I wouldn't like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" either and sadly, my feeling was right as I found very little enjoyment while watching the movie. In the end I only liked 2 aspects of the movie, Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman and his fight scenes. All the other performances were fine, except Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, which I didn't like at all. He actually started to annoy me at some point. During a two-and-a-half hours movie, we go through 3 different kind of movies with a confusing and barely-existent plot. Even the ending was anticlimactic with a rushed villain whom they shoehorned in there for no good reason. Overall, I don't recommend "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" as even batman couldn't save this one.

#bad 2.0


After the start of the DC Cinematic Universe with "Man of Steel", the company finally gets serious about their movies with "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" as we could call this one the true start of the universe. We had high hopes for the story of "Dawn of Justice" and we believe it could have been something very powerful, but instead we got a bland plot which didn't make too much sense overall. The ending was disappointing and very anticlimactic with a weak villain and very little overall suspense, it was just "senseless violence". The introduction of Wonder Woman didn't go all too smooth either as they tried adding a little backstory but failed doing so. With that being said, we got to see a great Batman and some sweet fight scenes that left us wanting more. All the other cast members were good in their roles as well, but Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther isn't going to satisfy everyone. The soundtrack that Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL composed was servicable as well. In the end you should probably see it if you like to see some action, even if it is senseless, or to keep up with whatever is new in the realm of superheroes.

#timekiller 2.5